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Our company was established in 1991 and it is one of the leading research & production firm in the field of veterenary biotechnology and in the market for supplying with modern and top-quality veterinary biologicals. Under the applications of cattle-breeding farms, regional veterinary authorities and departments of veterinary our highly skilled specialists will conduct a diagnostic inspection, will formulate a therapeutic and preventive measures.

The scientists and experts of the Agrovet Co. are the authors of many biological safeguard facilities of animals such as associated inactivated vaccine and polyvalent serum against kolibacteriosis, salmonellosis and proteus infection of calves, piglets, lambs and fur animals, vaccine against pasteurellosis of cattle and small cattle, vaccine against hemophylosis of pigs, vaccine against anthrax, probiotic and immunomodulating biologicals like lactobacterine, biphydumbacterine, biphylact, T-activine, B-activine, antiparasitic drugs such as niacid against outsides and endoparasities, nutrient mediums for submerged cultivation of microorganisms.

All our products are of a very good quality. We can deliver our biologicals (more than 200 denominations) to our consumers in any region by all kind of transport.